About Us

Welcome to Barneys Newsbox specialist Jigsaw web site

We have been specialising in jigsaws for over 30 years now.
Our site is continuously growing and new jigsaws are being added all the time.
We have over 20 different manufactures and over 7000 jigsaws to choose from when finished.

We will also ship to any country……For all countries other than the UK please send us your order
in an e-mail and we will get back to you with an exact shipping quote…
You will only pay the exact price we will have to pay…we will not add any extra on for ourselves

ALSO…..We want to make your shopping experience as safe as possible so therefore we don’t collect all your card information on our web site,
….After you have placed your order we will phone you to collect your 3 digit card security number

This way we feel is the safest possible way of making it
( you will notice a box during the checkout process where you can enter your 3 digit number but this box is void and wont work )

We understand this is an extra step that you will have to take but it will ensure
that your card number and security number are not sent together
and is the safest way we can possibly make it…if you would rather phone us with your security number then please feel free on 015394 35627,Thanks